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    DNG converter don't work for some RW2-files




      i found out, that there ist now direct support from CS4 to my new Lumix LX5. :-(


      In  some forums i got the hint to use the free DNG converter. that works  for most of the files, but some rw2's it can't convert. yesterday i made  10 pictures and the converter only identificate 7 of them. The only  thing i noticeed ist, that this files are "only" 7MB. The others are  10MB. When i use irfanview to look the rw2's are no problems. the  pictures are all very good. somebody an idea whats wrong with the 3?








      sorry for my english, but i hope you understand me!??

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          JimHess-DIrcbP Level 3

          I don't know anything at all about your file format, but it sounds as if there is an option to create compressed raw files.  I know Canon has this option.  It may be that somehow you used this compressed option, assuming that there is one, and it may be that the DNG converter does not support the compressed raw format.  If not, maybe someone else will have a better answer.