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    dng profiles for Canon A620, A650, SX110

    Vit Novak Level 3

      Recently, I started working on a program that will generate dng profiles for some Canon compacts, that have no raw mode 'out of the box', hence they are not supported by Adobe. But thanks to the group of excelent programmers, raw mode (and a number of other useful features) can be enabled, by usage of additional software od SD card, called CHDK. Using one feature of that software, it is also possible to develop raw file in the camera to jpeg, and comparing raw and jpeg, it is possible to calculate dng profile


      Work is not finished yet, as this stuff is quite complex, but I allready have beta version of profiles for 3 older Canon compacts. If some owner of Canon compacts is interested in this stuff, or someone else has any comment, here is the link to the thread in CHDK forum