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    working with large objects


      Hi there,


      I am preparing a navigation (using panning) movie in Flash. There is very big (6000x4000) image (area photo from top) on the stage and it's position moves once user moves his mouse. Thus, user can navigate on the area.


      But flash really drives me insane while working on this movie. It usually suddenly stops and quits with error.

      I'd like to ask what can i do? should i use a different method???


      It seems, Adobe becomes stupid on large files and there are bugs in somewhere Flash.


      For example; how can i use a method like Google Maps (it loads an another image when you move another position. Not loads all images together and doesnt consumpt large amount of resources.)?


      Please share your ideas.


      Thanks for all helps.

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          Lee Burrows Level 4

          hi mustafafa


          your problem may be due to size limitations with bitmap images - flash cant handle images larger than 2880x2880 (flash player 9) or  16,777,215 pixels in total (for fp10 and above). Your image is 6000x4000 which is 24,000,000 pixels. Try splitting your image into 2 parts (or more if using fp9) and it should work ok.