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    timeline pause/audio issues; please help!!!

      Hello all;
      I am working on a swf animation for a client; the animation has voiceover during a construction timeline segment, and I have pauses in the timeline with the following code on the actions layer: (using actionscript 2.0)
      var interval:Number = setInterval(function () { play();clearInterval(interval);
      }, 1000);
      Everything works fine on the original playthrough but they want buttons installed that will jump to different construction segments to review, etc. My problem is when i hit the button and it goes back to that frame (even when it lands on a pause frame) it forgets all about the pause delays after the first one in the actions layer. I don't understand why flash is ignoring the pause commands. Am I using the wrong pause code on the actions layer? The buttons i have installed use the following code:
      on (release) {

      Any help would be appreciated. Thank you all so much in advance!!!