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    Captured HDV Footage Renders at 720x480 instead of 1440x1080!

    sixthcrusifix Level 1

      This is a seriously annoying problem  that I just cannot figure out for the life of me.


      My friend has a $4,000 camera that says 1080i on the side and filmes on HDV tapes (It's a Sony). When he plays the footage from  the camera connected right to the TV it looks great.


      Premiere Pro CS5 refuses to import the footage at anything other than 720x480. No matter what I do.


      At first I had the capture set to "DV" instead of "HDV" so I changed it. Nothing happened. My AVI Files were STILL only 720x480. We changed every possible setting on the camera and I even created a brand-new project and made sure the capture was set to HDV and the project was HDV 1080i60.


      Whenever I select Batch Capture it creates 720x480 AVI or MPEG Files. Even when I opened my project in notepad and made sure they all said 1440,1080 instead of 720,480. Before capture the clips say "1440x1080" when you hover over them but when I press batch capture they still create 720x480 AVI files.


      The whole point of this is to make the footage HD so he can stick it on a BR disc. It looks realy bad at DVD resolution, especially on his huge TV.


      Can anyone offer insight? I've Googled my heart out but can't find this exact issue. What am I doing wrong? I already edited this whole thing in AFX at DVD resolution and I just need to re-capture in 1080i so I can replace the footage and render it back in HD.