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    CS5 and GTX285 worked, ran Adobe update, now it doesn't... why?

    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

      So I bought a Gigabyte GTX285, installed it in my 3DBOXX, and all was great (still had CS4). Yesterday I bought and downloaded Master Collection CS5. Everything ran great--I opened Premiere, ran some stuff, was really impressed by the speed increases, and loved it. However, I noticed that my support for RED footage still wasn't where it should have been (didn't support the new RED color space, just like CS4... a problem which I had been told would be fixed in CS5 since it had native RED support and didn't require RED's out-of-date plugins.) So on a hunch I ran the Adobe updater, and discovered that my download had only been 5.0. It ran the update to go to 5.0.2 (or whatever is the latest) and after the update had finished, I launched Premiere and immediately got a warning message saying that I did not have a CUDA enabled card installed so CUDA effects would not be available, and that I needed to install the latest drivers for my video card. Well, I went to Gigabyte's website, downloaded the most recent drivers for my card, installed them and rebooted. Still getting the same message when I load up Premiere.


      For what it's worth, I already had the latest video card drivers installed when I first installed CS5, and the download and update I did after getting the message the first time was simply a replacement of the drivers with the same ones.


      Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this and get the most out of my system? I convinced my bosses to buy CS5 and the GTX285 specifically for the performance improvements, so if I can't make this work, they're not gonna be happy!