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    Import PNG on runtime

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      I need to import some images on runtime
      It is done though
      tmpMember.importFileInto (cFile,[#trimWhiteSpaceFALSE,

      Than a part of image is copies to another member

      tileMember.image = tmpMember.image.crop(tileRect)

      In Authoring mode everything works OK

      But in runtime I have problem with png-files (jpgs are loaded OK)

      When PNG file is imported second line of code produces an error "Image

      When I Put the image value to message window, it gives me <image:0>

      How can I check the image is not loaded correct?

      Ilk (tmpMember.image) returns #image, so it is not void

      But tmpMember.image can not be accressed- so i can not check width or hight
      of this - it always produces error - how can I intercept this error?

      Thanx for any help,