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    How to access a Access array in flex

    vineet osho Level 1


            Guys can any body explain me how to access an array.Actually i am succsufully getting value from array named Dynamic array.



      here the node language_1 is not static it may be language_2 or language_3 or language_4 ect.. so i put that getting value in a variable named key


      var key:String = 'language_1'; //Suppose i am getting right value here in key


      So please guide me how i access my dynamic array using key so that i got same value as previous code give.


      i already tried:-DynamicArray[i].key.translation;


      but every time got error.



      for more clarity i put array structure here


      DynamicArr= Array (@43b1271)   
          [0] = Object (@43ad219)   
              contentlanguage_1 = Array (@43b1431)   
                  [0] = Object (@4417a11)   
                      choice_id = "0"   
                      deleted = "N"   
                      downloadurl = " ilename="   
                      selected = "Y"   
                      translation = "2_486"   
                  length = 1   
          [1] = Object (@4417949)  



      please Help me out


      Thanks In Advance

         Vineet Osho