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    LineChart data tip won't display with single data point?




      I have a Flex 3 LineChart with LineSeries which use CircleItemRenderer. If there is only a single data point to display, the data tip is not displayed. If there are several data points, each data tip is displayed correctly.


      How can I make the datatip appear correctly with even just one data point? Any workarounds for this problem?


      Quick googling found that I'm not the only person with this problem. A suggested workaround is to use PlotChart instead, but I don't want to go there unless there is absolutely no good way to solve this problem directly.


      http://www.pubbs.net/200911/flex/28102-flexcoders-line-chart-data-tips-dont-display-when-t heres-a-single-data-point.html


      Thanks for any clues!!