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    Javascript error appearing in hyperlinks


      My web help files were moved from a test server to a live server (I'm not sure exactly how this is done...top secret networking and all), and some of the hyperlinks in my topics stopped working (user would click on them and nothing would open). When I opened the links in the project to view them, a "javascript 0" had replaced the link.

      This didn't happen in all of the topics, just a few of them.

      Any idea if it was something in Robohelp or is this something I need to hash out with the network people?

      Yes, I am one of the lucky authors working on a project file that's stored on a server, not my hard drive. Bad, I know...

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          There's nothing wrong with having project files stored on a server, as long as you're working your project on your local machine.

          As to the "networking" you mentioned, I suspect that your IT folks have decided that not all the WebHelp output files need to be copied from location to location. (You know, like those pesky wh* folders, for example, which contain all the TOC, Index, and Search stuff?)

          Good luck,