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    import .mov into flash for web CS4

    lisaellensegal Level 1

      i imported a .mov into flash and exported out for the web.  video was fine, it had no audio.  what did i do wrong?

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          learn n leverage Level 3


          This may be because

          1. Many Quicktime videos use protected audio that won't convert. If the file has protected audio you'll have to convert it to something else before bringing it into Flash.

          2. May be an issue of your machine not having the proper sound codec installed to interpret. Open the movie in Quicktime and check the info tab to see what kind of sound codec was used.


          If you have some software such as QT Pro, Cleaner, Premiere, or something else that you could quickly try re-encoding the video into another file and see if that solves your problem.



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            lisaellensegal Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.  I took the .mov file into Premiere and encoded to a flv file.  Audio comes through fine.  Thanks for your help.