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    Raid 5 or Raid 10

    SpareWheel Level 2

      At some stage I intend to move up to CS5, although I have found CS4 to be a pretty good work horse to date for HDV from my Sony Z5. My second camera is a Sony NX5 (AVCHD). I have no problem mixing the two cameras into one timeline in CS4.


      My upgrade path is one step at a time. So rather than post in the CS4 forum I thought my question would fit just as well in the CS5 forum.


      I am currently looking to add more redundancy into my HDD setup and the scratch disks in particular.


      I have searched the forum for RAID 5 v. RAID 10 (1 + 0) but haven't really found a satisfactory or difinitive answer.


      I am current running RAID 0 for my scratch with no redundancy other than an independent network store using a RAID 1 PC which is now filling up quickly (I'm upgrading it in the next few days from 1TB RAID 1 to 2TB RAID 1).


      And now I am using the NX5 with file storage rather than the MiniDV tapes of the Z5 (which are great for archiving), I need to reconsider my workflow - so might as well start from "scratch" Pun intended.


      On my editing worksation I am running Intel i7 920, 9GB RAM. The system has a fairly respectable rating using the PPBM (my thanks to Bill for his recommendations). The MOBO is an Asus P6T, although I will look to purchase a separate PCI 4 port SATA RAID controller for the scratch setup.


      Can someone please put this question to rest: RAID 5 or RAID 10 for Adobe CS5 (or CS4).


      Many thanks.