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    Thirdparty plugin option access through javascript

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      In indesign CS3 we are using one thirdparty plugin (Blacklining).


      Actually i need to do some manual selection options like StartBlacklining, StopBlacklining before creating pdf.


      Now i m in the need of automate those processs how can access that options from that plugin through Indesign Javascript.



      If u have any idea please let me know



      Thanks and regards,



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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Scripting support is something the plugin writer should have added. Ask the people of Blacklining if, and if so, how to.


          (The integrated help of the ESTK editor itself should be "hot" -- regenerated when it detects new scriptable plugins have been added. So you could browse through it, looking for commands like your "StartBlacklining" and "StopBlacklining". However, it's probably faster just to ask them.)