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    Exporting Flash animation into a universal video format?

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      Flash newbie here, using CS5 on a Mac.  I've created several Flash animation files, all about 25 seconds long.  The animations are fairly simple, about 6 layers each, but all contain a lot of movement.  I need to turn the animations into videos that can be played on computers that don't have any Adobe programs, i.e. Quicktime. This is where my issue comes in.  The published .swf files work wonderfully, but when I export the files to Quicktime video (.mov) the motion seems to leave a "trail" of images behind it.  The static remnants go away after a few seconds but are replaced by new remnants of the current movement.  I've played around with the quality and size of the videos, but nothing seems to have helped.  I've tried used Xilisoft video converter to convert the .swf files into .avi or .mp4, but the files couldn't be uploaded.  Does anyone have any recommendations as to what steps I could take to export my .fla or .swf files into high-quality video files?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!