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    Browse Sequence


      I know how to include every thing in my TOC as part of the browse sequence, by selecting "0" to Create a separate sequence for each book down to the level.  What I am looking for is how to make the sequence work in the way that for example, I am in a page within a Book, and I click a link that takes me to another page in a different Book...I want to be able to click the back arrow to go back to the original Book/page I was in.  Is this possible?  Thanks for any help.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          When you select 0 for the level, you don't end up with many different sequences as you seem to believe. Instead, you should get one very long sequence that begins with the first topic found in the TOC, then moving from there as if you had expanded each book individually and traversed the topics sequentially.


          From what you have described, you want functionality offered by the browser Back button. Not the browse sequence. The arrows that allow you to traverse the Browse Sequence simply work like moving from one link in a chain to the next and back again.


          Cheers... Rick



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            catdunn Level 1

            Thanks Rick,


            As you can tell, I'm a bit of a "newbie" at this.  So if I am understanding you correctly, using the browse sequence will not give me what I am looking for, correct.


            Then how or what do I need to do to get the result I am looking for?


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              MergeThis Level 4

              Simply use the browser Back button (this is a browser "last-visited" issue, not a pre-defined browse sequence issue). Make sure you check the "Synchronize Table of Contents" option in the Additional Options panel of the Navigation wizard.



              Good luck,


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                kmaddox1 Level 1

                Not sure if this addresses the problem you're trying to solve, but you can encourage users to go to a certain topic by adding a Related Topics button directly within the topic. For example, if you want to encourage users to return to a specific topic, you can add a Related Topic button labelled Go to xyz, where xyz refers to the topic you want them to go back to.


                Similarly, if you provide additional information in a subtopic and want to give users a quick way to return back to the main topic, you could add a button called Main Topic to the subtopic.


                These buttons are somewhat redundant of RH's browse sequence and the browser's back and forward buttons and they require more time and thought to implement, but they allow you to suggest different ways for users to navigate through the help system.


                To create these kinds of buttons, simply insert a Related Topics button. For the button's label, enter Next >, or Back to xyz, or whatever you want to call it. Then select the one topic you want users to go to.


                One other thought that may help--when creating links between a topic in one book and a topic in another book, consider having the 2nd topic open in its own window. That way, both topics will be open at once and users can simply close the second window when they want to return to the original topic. To do this, insert a hyperlink, select the topic, and select Display in Frame > New Window (or Display in auto-sizing popup).

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                  catdunn Level 1

                  Bingo Bango!  Thank you.  I did have it set up as you described in your last paragraph.  Unfortunately, the higher ups thought it too confusing and prefer the user to stay within RoboHelp.  I will definitely pursue your first suggestion!



                  Catherine Molitor-Dunn

                  Instructional Designer

                  Food Services of America


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                    kmaddox1 Level 1

                    Interesting that the higher ups thought that the second approach was confusing. I've never been quite sure whether opening topics in a new window is helpful or confusing. I try to limit my use of new windows to cross-references to other books only (as in a merged help system) and I try to make it clear that they're going to a whole other book.


                    When you've had a chance to try some other approaches (e.g. related topics), post back and let us know what approach you decide on (and which one the higher ups like)!


                    Good luck!