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    Poor Text quality

    Jewel Queen


      I have created a website from scratch in Dreamweaver CS5.  Created all the graphics in Fireworks CS5.  When exporting slices to DW,  the text is fuzzy and looks terrible live.   What can I do to have sharp text.   Tried anti-alias ( all options).   Should I create text elsewhere or is there a setting to compensate for the pixel images?


      to view example - www.ccepharma-ware.com


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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          A great deal of this sample should be reproduced as HTML text, not text optimized as images. This page sample is more of a prototype rather than a finished web page, because it's all graphics.


          As for improving the text quality in areas where it needs to be part of a graphic, consider exporting as gif format (for solid color) or using the Selective quality feature for jpeg export.


          Jim Babbage

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            JoeDaSilva Level 4

            When you export an image at a specific size, that's the size it has to remain. You can't change the image dimensions in Dreamweaver, otherwise you get the distorted/blurry effect you see.


            You've taken this graphic here:



            ...and resized it to "100%".


            That's not how web design works I'm afraid.


            Your best bet is to stop what you're doing, and either pick up a book on HTML/CSS, subscribe to a site like Lynda.com, or read over some basic web design tutorials and come back to this venture at the beginning again.


            Good luck!