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    How to pass Lectora variable to Captivate


      I haven't used variables or advanced actions much in Captivate so I'm looking for some help.


      I am creating an elearning course in Lectora. Within the course are several swf files created in Captivate. I would like to have a button within Lectora that the learner clicks that will toggle the value of a variable (ViewCaptions) to on/off. I would then like Captivate to read this variable and perform actions based on the variable's value. For example, if ViewCaptions = off, then when the swf plays, the captions would not show (and the inverse if = on). But I'm not having any success in having Captivate read the variable or perform the action. Any help is appreciated.



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          zreichenbachcarr Level 1

          What version of Captivate and Actionscript are you using?


          The only way would be to set up javascript or External Interface Get/Set variables

          You will need to make an animation that sits on the stage in captivate and does all the variable handling.


          If your swf file isn't embedded, but instead an html page that launches from Lectora, then you can use javascript to do all the leg work, but if your swf is embedded, you will need to have some flash programming done. If you can provide some more detail, might be able to help.