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    Merge data from excel sheet with batch of indesign documents

    talltim1 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have a task that I need to do and I am looking for a way to do it via scripting. I doubt there is an existing script though!


      It's similar to what the data merge feature in indesign does, but rather than having indesign creating the extra files base on text in a .csv file, I already have the few thousand files and want to populate the text fields in them from a .csv or .xls file.


      So, on an excel sheet I'd have one column that has all the indesign document file names, and then each column after that will refer to text fields on the indesign files... all the indesign files have the same 5 text fields... if there is a text field not on the indesign document it is ignored... text fields could be identified by tag name??? and that tag name is on top of the column in the excel document... something along those lines anyhow.


      Does anyone think they can take on this task? If you can, contact me for my email to discuss payment.


      Regards, Tim