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      I try to use OnMouseOver to show a multilines message box when OnMouseOver the text lable . For example, lable is "Modam" and when mouse move on the "Modam", the text box show up with description of the modam. Please help!
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          If you mean you would like some hint text (or similar) to appear when the user hovers over a form label to say what the field is then all you need to do is specify a title attribute for the label tag.



          <label for="textBox" title="Some hint text about the field">My Field</label>
          <input type="text" name="textBox" value="" />

          I think that might be what you are after.
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            HI Eg,
            I did like you said and it works fine but now I need to diplay a picture with text (basicly I can make a picture containing text and photo) when I move the mouse over the lab text, the picture display. I try to use the OnMouseOver="XX". and XX is the onMouseOver command. Can you help? Thank you.

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