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    mixing ACR 5.7 and 6.2

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      I grew quite fond of processing my RAW shots through ACR, accessed through Bridge CS4. I'm a Mac PSE user, and thought I got a pretty good trade: give up PSE Organizer, get full-featured ACR. "Expose to the Right," adjustment brushes, presets...rah!


      Sadly, that gig is partially up: PSE8 ships with Organizer and de-featured ACR 6.2. Upgrading to full PS just to get full ACR is too expensive. So, unless I move to LR, I'm wondering what happens if I mix-and-match 5.7 and 6.2.  Use ACR 5.7 for initial workflow, including capture sharpening and most edits. For selected images that are the keepers (and/or merit PS editing), open in Elements ACR 6.2, change to PV2010, adjust sharpening and noise reduction there.


      My two questions:


      • the noise reduction in PSE ACR 6.2 seems to be the improved stuff, correct? And no sliders for luminance and color detail, so are those effectively set to zero?
      • the PSE ACR 6.2 seems to read OK any of the changes made in 5.7 (adjustment brushes, graduated filters), so my guess is under the hood the XMP processing is pretty full-featured...anything that I should NOT do in 5.7 because the PSE version of 6.2 can't/won't read it?



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          Sorry, maybe I'm misconstruing your post, but I'm not quite following you.


          All versions of ACR are severely limited, even emasculated, when hosted by any and ALL versions of Photoshop Elements.


          Could you explain your motivation for switching back and forth between the "de-featured" ACR 5.7 in one version of Elements and the "de-featured" ACR 6.2 in another version of Elements?


          Or are you contemplating buying Lightroom and then switching to Photoshop 11.0.2 ("CS4")?


          Now that I typed that last question, it seems to fit more logically with your post.





          Wo Tai Lao Le



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            stewch Level 1

            Sorry, my shorthand became too cryptic.  No, the version 5.7 ACR that I have is the full-featured version, hosted by Bridge CS4 (Mac).  The version 6.2 that I have is the "emasculated" 6.2 that ships with Elements, but that embodies Process 2010. And the workflow that I'm describing is one-way (do most work in 5.7, then "re-demosaic" if that's a word in 6.2.)


            Contemplating buying Lightroom, then using PSE as my editor when bashing bits. When that happens, my query is moot. Trying to assess how much trouble I might be creating for myself until then.

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              RASouthworth Level 3

              Ok, I'll bite, why would you buy Lightroom when you can upgrade to Photoshop CS5 for $200 or so?


              Richard Southworth

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                Don't think I can upgrade from PSE to full CS5 for $200.  The Bridge CS4 that I have came as part of PSE.

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                  Pardon my ignorance, thought CS4 implied Photoshop.


                  Richard Southworth

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                    stewch wrote:


                    …The Bridge CS4 that I have came as part of PSE.


                    …and you're saying you think that gives you a full version of ACR 5.7? 

                    Wow !


                    You mean you see all nine adjustment tabs, all the subtabs and all the adjustment sliders in ACR 5.7?


                    1.— Basic   (11 sliders)


                    2.— Tone Curve

                           (Parametric sub-tab 4 sliders; +

                            Point sub-tab)


                    3.— Detail (5 sliders)


                    4.— HSL/Grayscale tab

                           Hue sub-tab (8 sliders), +

                           Saturation sub-tab (8 sliders), +

                           Luminance sub-tab (8 sliders)


                    5.— Split Toning tab (5 sliders)


                    6.— Lens Corrections tab (7 sliders), including

                           Lens Vignetting, and Post-Crop Vignetting

                    7.— Camera Calibration tab (7 sliders) +

                           Camera Profile popup menu

                    8.—  Presets tab

                    9.— Snapshots tab.




                    This is certainly news to me.  Please confirm.





                    Wo Tai Lao Le


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                      Confirmed. That's what was shipping with PSE Macintosh, up until this latest 9.0 release.

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                        Thank you for the confirmation.  It's most surprising!

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                          stewch wrote:






                          Dennis Smith (quenton8) here thinks you are wrong:






                          Wo Tai Lao Le


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                            Dennis is right about what ships in PSE9, but I wasn't wrong in what I said in my original post.  PSE users on the PC have always only had the defeatured ACR. On the Mac, versions 6 and 8, PSE users got (in lieu of an Organizer) full-featured Bridge CS, and full-featured ACR. Really really.  Split-toning, adjustment brushes, the whole nine yards.


                            But in version 9 -- as I bemoaned in my original post, and Dennis correctly observes -- Adobe dropped Bridge & full ACR from the Mac bundle and included just a defeatured ACR 6.2. But I still have Bridge CS4, from the previous release, which I will continue to use (ooh, let's not get started on Organizer!). And robust ACR 5.7.


                            So I can do most of my adjustments in ACR5.7 via Bridge, without the benefit of PV2010, then open in PSE ACR6.2, click the badge to convert to PV2010, and do my noise and input sharpening there. Awkward workflow, yes. My original post asked, but is this fatal? So far, doesn't seem so.


                            Sorry if my original post wasn't clear.