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    Flash Builder 4 - Few Basic Questions


      Alright, I am a total nub with flash, so I apologize for any nubbish rubbish I may say...

      ...and like any forum nub, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum.


      That out of the way, I have a few questions.


      First, I want to get the software for creating flash animations, flash games, and for general web design. I assume Flash Builder 4 is the correct software for this? If not, please let me know what is.


      I am quite familiar with the Eclipse IDE for Java. I read somewhere that the building environment was "Eclipse based," which for some reason actually surprised me a great deal. Is this building environment standard with FB4 or is it part of something else?


      Assuming this is the correct software, and that this is the right section to ask, where would a good place to begin learning flash be? I already have a computer science background, so I know the basics of most programming stuffs. Does the program have built in tutorials? Are they even any good? I will probably use w3schools for some help as well. Where else can I learn some tips?


      Also, I noticed there are a few discounts for students. I am attending a college full time, so is that enough to be eligible for said discounts?

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          Peter Witham



             You could create animation and games with Flash Builder but honestly I think you'll find it easier and faster using Flash or Flash Professional since it allows you easier control of that kind of set-up ( visual rather than code ).


             Flash Builder ( Eclipse ) really is the best way and most common to develop Flex applications, you can use either the standalone or Eclipse plugin and dive right in with a full feature set in both. There are other IDE's out there but personally Flash Builder is still my favorite and in fact convinced me to use Eclipse more for other projects and languages.


             Adobe has some great resources for getting started, there is also some fantastic courses on lynda.com which is where I always go to get trained up on a new topic or product ( I'm not affiliated, just a fan ), notably there are some courses on Flash animation that might interest you along with ActionScript 3 animation. Plus these forums have some great people ready to answer and help with any questions, also the Adobe Press books are great to hit the ground with. Shameless plug that I also put videos up on my site www.uibuzz.com.


             I go back to my first paragraph though, I think Flash might suit you're needs more than Flash Builder, but the great thing is which ever tool you use to get to grips with ActionScript 3 it all applies, my background started with Flash and then moved to Flash Builder with little to no re-learning other than the Flex framework.


          Hope this helps,


          Peter Witham