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    Connecting to SQL

    redbarron Level 1
      We were having trouble with the hard drive on our Breeze 5 installation so we decided to reinstall on a new server (Win 2003). I backed up the content and other files and did the install on the new server (both installations use the SQL Server database versus the embedded one ). However, when I go to configure the new installation (custom.ini) through the wizard, using the default settings, I get this error:

      "Error connecting to this database host. Please verify that you have entered in the correct value for the database host, that your server has a working network connection to this database host and that this database host is online."

      I checked the port that SQL is "listening" on and 1433 and 1434 are ok. I haven't brought in the old .mdf or .ldf files yet (from the old server) as I figured I could do that once things were set up. Basic problem is that I can't get Breeze to "see" localhost to set up the new dB. Any ideas?