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    Motherboard manufacturer recommended RAM?

    Indio22 Level 1

      I find myself rather perplexed trying to decide on RAM for my build.  I recently purchased a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R x58 motherboard.  Learning that MB manufacturers have certain recommended RAM for their MBs, I looked up the Gigabyte recommended RAM for this board. 


      Problem: Gigabyte only has three recommended RAM products in 3x4MB (12MB triple channel) configuration (see table below).  Out of the three, the Hynix and Samsung I am not finding at New Egg or other common vendors.  And the Kingston I am finding at New Egg for $474.00!  That is nearly double the cost of some other 3x4MB RAM.


      No. Size Module SupplierModule P/N. Component P/N.Triple ChannelClockCost (Egg)
      S10D1 4GB Samsung M378B5273BH1-CF8K4B2G0846B HCF86PCSDDR3 1006n/a
      H13D1 4GBHynixHMT351U6AFR8C-H9H5TQ2G83AFR H9C6PCSDDR3 1333n/a
      KET16D14GBKingstonKHX1600C9D3K3/12GX6PCSDDR3 1600$474.00


      Haven't fared much better on the memory supplier web sites.  Corsair has some recommended RAM in 3x2MB configuration for this board, but none in 3x4MB.  And most of the deals I find on RAM, are not officially recognized either. 


      It seems clear to me, given the number of people using this board, and the inadequate supply of "official" RAM, that many people must be using unofficial RAM.  And reading about the process of determining what is "official" RAM by some manufacturers, doesn't instill confidence.  Gigabyte even seems to hedge its bets as well, by including this disclaimer:


      "Memory modules listed are for reference only. Due to massive memory models on the market, we can only verify some of them."


      Well, it seems I am left looking for any recommendations, from folks who are using the GA-X58A-UD3R.  Anyone using 3x4MB config RAM (three sticks of 4MB RAM each for total of 12MB), can you recommend a particular set with part number that is working well for you?  (Over-clocking is not a big concern for me, just looking for something that will boot up ok and run stable without a lot of fuss.)  Thanks for any recommendations.