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    cannot  print  pdf files  with  9.3.1, cannot remove patch


      DSCF9681.JPGdoes anyone know how to fix msi problems ? updater says 9.3.1 is more functional than 9.4 what does that mean? does that mean I need to remove 9.3.1 in order to install 9.4 ?  All i want out of this is the ability to control what stays and want goes onto my hard drive and the ability to print PDF files like the product claims. I swear as my life advances I will not buy a product from a company that cannot support me with there standard issues of products . offering a free product that malfunctions is not my idea of building a trusting relationship. What's more disturbing is that I talked with Ganesh this morning on adobe chat and know i cannot even register with that email. Can anyone fix msi problems or is this just a runaround bad business practice of post WTO new world order ?  Thanks for letting me vent. Now about the msi problem...

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          Thanks for the advice, but I'm

          already beyond that(go to add remove

          programs and click remove). I did my backup and downloaded windows installer cleanup from http://majorgeeks.com/Windows_Installer_CleanUp_Utility_d4459.html  After download when I ran the program to install it, the window that popped up was labled "Microsoft Office Update". When that disappeared I found Windows Installer Cleanup located in the All programs list in start. I clicked it and a window popped up about the size of task manager. I scrolled down and highlighted Adobe 9.3.1 and clicked remove and it removed it and the 9.3.1 unremovable update from the conrol panel. Then I went to Adobe.com , downloads and downloaded Adobe 9.4, installed it, and tested it by printing a PDF file.   Before I was scared to mess up my netbook and didn't want to deal with the hassle, but we all have our limits until we start to take these kind of risks into the unknown. sometimes, even though it's a burden to register to umpteen forums, it's that extra hassle that gets you over the edge. Please share this info. ohh yeah, NONE of this was done in safe mode.