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    Bug? Retrieve ItemRenderer instances from a dataGroup

    lndgrniker Community Member

      Hi guys (and girls),

      Working in FLEX 4:

      I’m experiencing something funny.

      I’m trying to retrieve ItemRenderer instances from a dataGroup by using getElementAt().

      Everything works if I call the method when the application is up and running, lets say I call the method by clicking a button.

      If I try to call the method programmatic some other way, before the program is up and running, the getElementAt() returns null.

      Here’s the funny part though …

      Let’s say I’m calling my getElementAt() method through a changeWatcher (programmatic, before the program is up and running) it dosen’t work If I simply run the application. But if I set a breakpoint and use the variables view to open and inspect my DataGroups private Array “indexToRenderer”, then everything works fine when I resume the application. How can that be?


      Please help!