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    Hello and Novice Question

    DJDEL0530 Level 1

      Hello Everyone,

      This is my first time in this forum and as a Catalyst newbie, am looking forward to learning from you Catalyst pioneers and greenhorns alike!


      As my first project after viewing the Adobe TV videos, I used a previously designed web site in PS, that I sliced up and assembled in DW and have live on the web now. I imported that into Catalyst and am learning quickly the beauty off this app.

      My first concern came when I noticed Layer effects and font styles (i.e., drop shadows, outer glow, bold, etc.) of my nav buttons and were lost in the import. The site is http://alanzatkow.com

      I've included screen shots below. The left image is Catalyst import and right image is the live site. You can see the fuller images in the live site's left & right columns which are lost in Catalyst.

      I would be interested in any thoughts.

      Thank you,