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    RoboHelp_CSH.RH_ShowLocalHelp opens two IE Windows


      Thanks for reading my post.  I have a question regarding calling "RH_ShowLocalHelp" from a Windows forms .NET application written in Visual Basic using .net framework 3.5


      When the source code below is called in our application it opens two IE 8 windows. One window loads the main help entry page and the other IE window is blank with the string "Connecting..." in the tab.  Here is the call...




      "", helpLocation, paramType, paramValue)



      The page that loads the help entry page displays the security bar stating that 'IE has restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls..."  I have tried to change the options to allow scripts, etc but nothing seems to work.


      Is it IE security that is opening the other IE window with the "Connecting..." string in the tab?  Anyway, any help to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated. Below is the full source of code.




      Dim Helper As RoboHelpAPI.RoboHelp_CSH = New RoboHelpAPI.RoboHelp_CSH


      Dim Mapper As HelpMap = New HelpMap


      Dim paramType As Integer = RoboHelpAPI.RoboHelp_CSH.CSH_DISPLAY_CONTEXT


      Dim appPath As String = Application.StartupPath()


      Dim helpURL As String = "Help\WebHelp\DeT_Help.htm"



      Dim paramValue As Integer



      If (Debugger.IsAttached()) Then

      appPath = appPath.Replace(


      "bin", "")


      End If



      Dim helpLocation As String = appPath & helpURL


      Dim fm As Form = Me.ActiveMdiChild


      If fm Is Nothing Then

      paramValue = 302




      paramValue = Mapper.GetHelpMap(fm.Name)



      End If



      "", helpLocation, paramType, paramValue)