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    Problems wiht instanceManager.addInstance() and signature fields


      I have a subform that contains two signature fields which I have set to not lock any field during signing. This subform has the ability to appear in the PDF as may times as needed.  The problem is that as soon as I click the button to add an instance to the form. All signature fields in the original subform and the newly created subform dissappear from the form.


      What do I need to do to make sure that the signature fields are available when I create a new instance of the form? 


      Below is the code I am using to create the new instance:




      subForm =xfa.resolveNode("Affidavites.Affidavit");



      (subForm != null)



      = "10";


           var newForm = subForm.instanceManager.addInstance(1);


      = "visible";



           xfa.host.messageBox("Unable to create instance of Affidavit");