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    AdvancedDataGrid update on update of dataProvider


      I am using ADG which has  labelFunction for few columns. Data Provider is ArrayCollection which  has top object and actual data Object object.

      My ArrayCollection data provider is like this:

      Obj1( mo1)

      Obj2 ( mo2)

      Obj3 ( mo3)


      Whenver there is a change in mo1, i want this should be reflected in ADG.



      I tried by having ItemRenderer which is derived from default AdvancedDataGridItemRenderer. and if i call

      dataprovider.update(Obj1,"dataField"); on change of mo1. The Itemrenderer gets hit for each column and each row.


      What I want is only updated row should get updated and ItemRenderer of that row only should get called.

      Is there a way ?

      What should i do in general to let ADG know that data in dataProvider has changed.