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    Information on DRM and also paying adobe???


      Hi guys,

      I'm just doing some market research and would really appreciate the help..

      I'm planning to create a site that would SELL ebooks to a niche market. I wanted the site to be a login user based site that would allow customers to buy ebooks.

      Firstly, I'd like to find out information on the ebook protection. Say I had a copywrited book on a site, what kind of DRM protection would the publishers have (IE what does Adobe offer to prevent file sharing). I'd be open to suggestions on the file management on the site to prevent file sharing (IE one book per one user purchase), but I'm thinking it'd be easier if I kept the PDF's ALL online.


      Secondly, I'd like to find out about Adobe and what the deal is with licensing and payment etc.. If I have a PDF that is available to users to download for a fee, do I have to pay adobe a cut of the price? I'm totally clueless about this, so I'd really appreciate the answers.

      Thanks a lot guys,

      If you want more info please don't hesitate to ask!


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          CtDave Level 6

          Being a User-to-User Forum, the specifics of costs and services provided by DRM providers is not going to be found here.

          A web search with a query something like "digital rights management DRM providers" ought to lead you to DRM provider web sites.



          As to 'fees' for use of the PDF file format. Remember, PDF is an ISO Standard. You'll owe not entity any fees for its usage.


          Be well...