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    Dynamic Gallery in Flash


      Hello everyone,

      I'm trying to build a dynamic gallery in flash, but I need some help on how to implement some special tactics. The downside of it is, its a two step process.


      For starters, my ulimate goal is to build a horizontal scrolling gallery thats similar to the Microsoft Surface touchtable interface as shown here: http://news.cnet.com/2300-1041_3-6211837.html, but implements the transitions of the Pastel Stories header as shown here: http://www.pastelportal.com/stories/


      When the centerpeice icon is in the center focus, its larger than the rest of the icons and you can move your mouse from left to right to scroll through the gallery. Ive seen some variations of this, but none of them offer what I'm trying to accomplish. The main image is not focused in the center and/or the images arent spaced out evenly enough.


      The second part of this process, its kind of difficult. You see when the user clicks on the icon, it takes them to a sublayer where they can view the photos in the same similar fashion as the initial gallery. The only problem is the transition. You can see the transition and/or flash component I'm trying to accomplish in the pastel stories header swf.


      If anyone knows of any ideas on how to implement these tactics or knows of any tutorials or any "for-purachase" files, please let me know! Thanks!