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    scrollpane problem


      I wondered if someone could help me with this problem. I essentially making a display for a friends panel which display heads and user names of all your firends on a community project. Now what I have done is added this into a scrollpane so as u get more firends the lsit can be scrolled in a fixed area on the interface. The problem I have now is that the actual heads within need to be clickable to call a function. My code worked fine for this UNTIL i placed it int he scrollpane and I cant figure out a way around it. I have attached my code below. The flow is essentially:

      Creates a scrollplane object
      Set up a linkage to an empty movieclip in library to be used as a referecne.
      Create a friend container movie clip tied to that content path
      Run through array to populate the container clip with relevant heads
      As each head is laoded in create text field to display under head.
      Once all assets are loaded in use invalidate to refresh the pane.

      As u can see formt he code below I am trying to assign a varialbe to each headholder clip and aslo assign a onpress to call a fucntion. This does not work anymore and must be something to do witht he scrollpane but cant work it out. Any help would be great before i go mad and get a good kikking as my deadline is looming:| ps its as2 as u will see:)
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          zibber Level 1
          ok i have solved my intital issue HORAAY. as means of sinking into my head iw ill type the solution here. It was all down to me trying to fix a function call etc before the actual movieclip had loaded anything into it. as soon as put the function call and other features intot he allLoaded function it works.

          However my next problem is more trikky to work out. One of my team members is on a mac and im on a pc. When i have given him the updated flas and as it doesnt seem to function on his mac. Im sure it has soemthing to do with this function stoppingit form progressing. HAs anyone had any experience of this? I.e a mac being less forgiving?

          any help appreciated.