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    I can no longer access my ebooks!


      I re-installed Digital Editions to my computer and now it won't let me access my ebooks (ebx files). It keeps telling me they were registered with another user...HELP!!!

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          Silver-haired Fox

          My problem exactly!!!  I had to reformat my hard dtrive and also replaced my DR800SG with a new one and now I can't get DRM controlled books to even appear normally in the library on the PC.  Each one downloads with that same error message passing by about belonging to another user. The books appear with unknown publisher and n/a for number of pages in the DE library.  IREX is bankrupt.  B&N couldn't help.  No clue what to do and I have purchased hundreds of ebooks.  The free books from online sources and some of my older purchases (DRM controlled) do show up, no idea why they are any different.  I did have a different B&N userid at one time but nowhere does it give me the option to activate my PC under the old userid.