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    Best settings for RAM Preview considering my system?

    rodlab2x Level 1

      Hi I would like to know how to configure my PC for AE in Open GL and Memory + Multiprocessing.


      My system has i7 960

      12gb RAM

      Quadro 4000 2GB Card.

      Windows 7 64 bit


      Right now I have 1000 in Texture Memory for Open GL.


      Memory and Multiprocessing Current Settings

      Installed RAM : 8 GB

      Ram reserved for other Apps: 3GB

      Ram Available for AE: 5 GB


      AE Multiprocessing


      Installed CPUS: 8

      CPU reserved for other apps: 2

      RAM allocation per background CPU: 1GB

      Actual Cpus that will be used: 3


      Thanks for your help.