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    What to do if i edit 5k of DSLR mov files?


      Sorry that i'm a new here. I know  that i should read more and find a solution but currently i'm short of  time while busy editing. Pls help me if you guys are free !


      My  com specs is :


      Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
      Intel  Core i7 930  @ 2.80GHz
      6.0GB( 3x2gb ) Cosair DDR3 @ 539MHz  (6-7-7-20)
      Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
      NVIDIA GeForce GT 240
      2x 1TB WD  Caviar Black -

      C: for OS, Program, Pagefile, Media Cache

      D:  for Project, Footage, Preview and others


      When i import 5k of dslr mov files ( 1280x720 25fps ), my com has become lag. even when i only copy and paste the clips to different sequence, my com is lag like ......

      i wonder is it the problem that i have too many files in a project ? what is the best way to solve this problem ?

      i've been told to use new scene to convert file, but i scare that the problem is still there because i got 5k of files in a project.

      is it possible if i buy a new harddisk and move half of my footage to the new disk ? ( instead of moving preview and media cahce because the problem appear even before i start to edit )
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          Bob Dix Photographer Level 2

          I am shocked you are having a problem, but, not surprised. I have a T5500 2.27Ghz Quad Core i7 64 bit Workstation with a Adobe  recommended Nvidia Quadro Fx3800 video card.> however, we still use Premiere Pro 1.5.1 which is 5 years old and 32 bit bit. However, with CS5 premiere pro you should have no problem, but, if you do, this is how we handle it. Import the H.264 mov files ( must render) which are pretty big into say Premiere Elements either  4/8or the upgraded 9 (which is still 32 bit, but, compatible) in say 10 5sec clips at a time .Export to  Movie , trans code ( You can set all this using the Adobe Media Encoder) as Microsoft avi  and uncompressed. With a bit of luck the out put file will be cineform avi high definition. Import the avi. 1920 x1080 HD innto Premiere Pro  for final edit and Export to Pro Tape or Blu-ray. We are PAL @ 25fps.


          Presto the finished project is stunning on a Sony Bravia Full HD 46" Monitor... Incidentally the HD avi clips in Premiere Pro are lighting fast to edit etc.




          good luck, and you will have released by now a 5 sec clip of H.264 Mov for say 5 sec or more could be anything from 25Mb to 25 Gb we have often had projects in High Definition taking up to 90Gb or more on the timeline, the old Premiere Pro does not like THAT and may/will grind to a halt. I MIGHT ADD THE NVIDIA QUADRO FX 3800 MOVES THE VIDEO IN THE MONITOR IN NEAR IF/ , NOT REAL TIME. NOT LIKE THE SLOW MOTION IN THE OLD PENTIUM 3.2 gHz hyper-threaded which is recommended by Adobe Spec but, not essential. 800FSB, EVEN THOUGH THE FINAL EXPORTED PRODUCT WAS PERFECT.



          Ps In 18 months using the  Canon 5D mark II we have finished 25 projects + to tape and 2 to Blu-ray using either H.264 or mpeg - 2 , excellent colour, stereo sound using a Rode Stereo Hi fi Mike.. We also use a Canon HV 20/30/40 as a vtr to Export to tape at Full High definition . 35 min projects take real time, blu-ray takes 52 minutes. Not bad for 32 bit. Your set up should kill it.?


          Message was edited by: Bob Dix + 12GB RAM the more the better.Windows i7 Professional OS Raid 0 for uncompressed video 2x600 GB 15,000 RPM Hard drives Total 1.08 TB I presume you have downloaded Apple Quicktime 7.6.8  (1675) otherwise nothing will work with the mov H.264 ????????


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