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    yo need help with some action script concerning duplicating mc's


      So lemme run u by a scenario here


      i got this flash with duplicated mc's


      say...enemy1, enemy2, enemy3


      now we all know we can do something such as..


      if {_root.blah.hitTests(_root.enemy)){_root.enemy.nextFrame();}}


      because the enemy is  duplicated and its no longer "enemy" but enemy12 or ****.


      is there any way to ...create multiple enemies and be able to do hitTests against them somehow.


      Also im not really a fan of attachMC




      http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/549351 heres something i created a while ago


      no duplicated MC's in this except the bullets because i couldnt get the bullets to hit multiple types of one enemy MC. rawr