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    Making an External Interface call to a SWF not on current page

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      I have multiple SWF files embedded inside a PDF document. During 'document open' I need to gather some data about these SWFs - this can normally be done by certain functions exposed to the External Interface(EI) in the SWFs. The problem is  for a SWF on a page that is not the current page making a EI call returns 'undefined'


      For example, this code doesnt code doesnt work as expected in 'Document Open':

      RMA=this.getAnnotsRichMedia(2)[0]; //assume my swf is on 3rd page

      var x = RMA.callAS("getMyDataString()");


      Here, x isnt assigned the returned value from getMyDataString().


      However, if I navigate to page 3, and run the code from the JS console the code works perfectly well.



      My question is, is there an alternative way to call functions on a SWF (which are exposed to the EI), from the 'document open' trigger. Or in general, call such function on SWFs that are not on the current page.