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    How to use Crossdomain.xml using file download..?


      Hi all.,


      I'm new in flex, i have file in remote to dowload that file but error displayed



                  private var fileRef:FileReference = null;

      // sample url file and name.Its loaded in dynamically.

           fileurl="//test-sql-01/DD/F8M/Root/05-01-2009_New%20Option_SS22_inc0000_20091215165522179 .tif".


                     var urlRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest(fileurl);
                      fileRef = new FileReference();
                      fileRef.download(urlRequest, urldocname);



      Erro display


      Unhandled SecurityErrorEvent:. text=Error #2048: Security sandbox violation: http://istdocstor-1722772102/Flex_TestIST/com/istmanagement/views/FileListModule.swf? cannot load data from \\test-sql-01\DD\F8M\Root\05-01-2009_New Option_SS22_inc0000_20091215165522179.tif


      How to solve this problem..