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    Next & Prev Button functions from an array

      Help. I'm new to actionscript and am trying to do something simple like use a 2 frame HTML page with navigation in top (Flash obj) and plain html stuff in the bottom or main frame.
      I declared these global var...


      var lssnPages = new Array('lssn_01.htm', 'lssn_02.htm', 'lssn_03.htm', 'lssn_04.htm', 'lssn_05.htm', 'lssn_06.htm','lssn_07.htm', 'lssn_08.htm', 'lssn_09.htm','lssn_10.htm', 'lssn_11.htm', 'lssn_12.htm','lssn_13.htm', 'lssn_14.htm');
      var curPtr = 0;
      var lastPtr = lssnPages.length -1

      Then in the next button hit state used this code to make it functional:

      on (release) {
      function NextPage ()
      if (curPtr < lastPtr) { // don't go to last page
      getURL("lssnPages[curPtr]", "Main");
      if (curPtr = lastPtr) { //disable Next button

      Even though I get no errors, this doesn't seem to work. It should???
      I'm stumped. Does the Flash AS have to call something on the html page, like the fscommands?
      Help, please!