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    Can open PDF's on line but not downloaded files!


      I had problems downloading/upgrading Adobe 9 until advised to remove Adobe download manager and start again. This I actioned and I now have Adobe 9 on my system.  However, before I actioned the above I was advised to try at start up clicking F8 (I believe?) and adjust my resolution down to 800 x 600 - this I did, but, it made no difference, Adobe 9 upgrade would not load. I now find I can open PDF's on line with my upgraded Adobe 9 in full screen resolution, but, all the earlier PDF's on file reduce my screen to 800 x 600 res and still don't open.  Is it possible to go back to the first action, click F8 at start up, etc, as detailed above, and reverse it?  If it is can someone please repeat the actions I must make i.e. is it F8 I click when I start up my computer, and, what do I then click on the screen, etc, I would be most grateful!


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      OK - I have looked at what actions advice I was given and it was - Press F8 @ advanced startup options, select VGA mode, Dialog box click OK to start Windows.....could this have restructured my screen resolution for existing PDFs?


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      Well hi to those few who actually looked at my problem and what a pity no one has been able to help me.  It is pretty obvious Adobe doesn't monitor these web pages otherwise I might have been thanking them for their help in sorting my problem out - fat chance!