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    Pausing external SWF

      I have an odd problem that's been slowing me down today. Basically I have one SWF file. That SWF file loads a few other external SWF files at different times during play. I also have a set of controls (Play, Pause, and Restart).

      The problem I have been experiencing is with the Pause. When pause button is released, I want the main SWF to pause and also any loaded external SWFs to pause on current frame. The code I am using works exactly like I want it to when testing the movie directly in Flash (ctrl + enter), but when I view the SWF in the standalone Flash player, the external SWFs do not pause. The main SWF pauses, but the external SWFs continue to play until they reach their last frame.

      This has me baffled. I have tried numerous different AS and all results are the same...works in Flash, but not in Flash Player. The code I am using is attached.
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            It appears to be a problem with Flash Player itself. Everything works as it should in a Web browser and in Flash. For some reason it just does not work in standalone Flash Player. I have Flash Player 9 for my Web browsers, but the standalone player in Windows is version 8.

            I downloaded Swiff, a different standalone SWF player, and everything works fine in that, so I'll assume it's just a bug in Flash Player 8 standalone for Windows. Is there a version 9 standalone player?
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              Upgraded standalone player to 9 and still the same thing. Guess I'll just resort to using Swiff for playing this file as I am using it for a presentation only and may need to pause certain parts to explain in more detail.