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    RH imports Word doc & makes .chm, but then get error HH_HELP CONTEXT called without [MAP]section


      RH works fine importing a Word document, and correctly asssociates 'TOPICALIAS' footnotes with IDs in a '.h' file that I imported into the project. It produces a .chm file which I then move to the application directory.

      The RoboHelp project does have [MAP] and [ALIAS] sections, and these refer to '.h' and '.ali' files.

      However, when the F1 button is pressed in the application, I get the error message 'HH_HELP_CONTEXT called without [MAP] section'.

      I see in earlier HTML Help documentation that there was a problem with the sequence in which the .chm and .h file are created – I do not know if this is a problem in RoboHelp, or how to correct it.

      Alternatively, could I have a problem with the directory structure and the paths in which the .h , .ali, and .chm files are located?