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    Making 10 Minute parts from a 25 Minute Video




      I am new to CS5 software. I am playing computer games and often record my games via Fraps. Fraps makes 3.95Gb .avi segments. For my movie which has a length of 25 Minutes I got 8 Fraps avi files.

      I would like to upload my movies to Youtube. Which means that I have to make 10 Minute movie segments out of my 25 Minute video.

      My question is, is it possible to make 3 segments out of my total movie directly via CS5, and if yes how? Or do I have to make 3 seperate projects where I put in only as much Fraps files until I get to the 10 Miunut mark?


      Hope you understand what I mean


      Thank you very much

      Best regards