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    Need advice on PC selection for Premiere(newb)

    Nate Vance

      I have read Harm's FAQ post about choosing a computer but I'm still skeptical on which PC to choose from so I thought I might ask some other premiere users since I have no experience in it myself.


      I actually work for a school district and am trying to find the best bang for our buck since we will be buying 10 of these for the sole purpose of running premiere CS5


      The current work stations my district is looking at is an HP Z400 Workstation(we typically buy everything from HP):


      Intel Xeon W3530 @ 2.8GHz 8MB Cache

      6GB RAM (1333MHz i think)

      300GB 7200rpm SATA II HD

      NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800 (768MB)


      Cost: just under $1800




      After doing some research about Premiere and looking at benchmarks of some other users PCs this is the other rig I'm looking to propose we buy to save some money:


      Intel Core i7-950 @3.06 GHz 8MB Cache

      Asus Sabertooth Intel X58 Chipset SLI/CrossFireX Motherboard (Triple-Channel DDR3 FCLGA1366 ATX Mainboard w/ 7.1 HD Audio, GbLAN, USB 3, SATA III, SATA-II RAID, 2 Gen2 PCIe, 1 PCIe X1 & 1 PCI)

      12GB DDR3 1600MHz

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 465 (1GB)

      640 GB SATA III HP 7200RPM


      Cost: just under $1500


      to me the i7 seems like the winner but maybe you guys know something I don't, any suggestions??


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          davidbeisner2010 Level 3

          Your custom built rig looks like the winner to me, for sure... not only because of your CPU, but also because you've doubled your memory. Only suggestion I would have is that you swap out that graphics card for the GTX285 or the GTX470 (which was recently added to the list of CUDA supported cards). I don't remember seeing the 465 on the list of supported cards (though I may be wrong).


          One thing that I'm guessing you've not added into that mix, based on the price, is a good monitor. I highly recommend a top-notch 22-24" monitor with good specs on color handling so that you can work with an accurate image. Two monitors is even better, if you've got the desk space! 

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            Giorgio1957 Level 3

            My God,

            my pc looks like a simple calculator compared with your target

            But Premiere runs great with my "gear" also.

            Should be a good choice, better if you have 2 HD.





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              Nate Vance Level 1

              Nope, didn't take the CUDA tech into consideration, one more thing I will look into. Thanks guys.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                The HP option is not an option IMO. The W3530 is identical to the i7-930, the memory is only half of the DIY version, the HP has a custom PSU, way too weak, that is not exchangeable for a better PSU, is not overclockable, etc.


                The GTX 465 is good enough for most users. You do need some additional hard disks though and your list did not show a case and a PSU. With everything complete you ought to be able to stay around or below $ 2000.

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                  Colin Brougham Level 6

                  I think the more important question is, will the school district allow you to build custom PCs instead of buying preconfigured models from a manufacturer or reseller? You obviously don't always get the best performance for the buck when buying a PC from one of the nameplates, but you'll typically get support and service that you wouldn't get if the PC assembly is on your shoulders. I can speak highly of HP's professional line--I've got an xw6400 workstation that is over three years old, but has always been rock solid. When I had an issue with a failed RAM module, HP shipped me a replacement overnight at no expense to me. The RAM in my current homebrewed PC carries no such assurances


                  In any event, I think that's something you should look into before getting too excited about saving coin and getting the super-swank system you've now got your eye on.

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                    Nate Vance Level 1

                    Thanks Harm for your comment! the $1500 price tag includes the case and power supply (800Watt, is that enough?) The case is an Apevia X-Dreamer 3 w/ temperature display....Not really what I was looking for but it was the only case that didn't look hideously gaudy from the website I was ordering the package deal from. opinions?

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                      Nate Vance Level 1

                      Thanks Colin for the post. Already talked to the purchasing coordinator and they are entertaining the idea of going through another company (the company I am looking at provides 3 year warranty and life-time support just like HP). We love HP's service because we can get replacement parts next day. However this is a one-time custom purchase so I thought it might be better to get what we need and get more value since these are not regular district computers.

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                        davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                        Good advice, Colin... I also work for a school (higher education) and they opted to have me purchase a system from BOXX rather than build it myself (specced purchased system out at $2100 for components vs. the $3700 it cost us) because of the service and support... That's a very important thing to have!