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    How do I control paper type?

    billmickey Level 1

      We have HP Multifunction printers here at work, example the HP Laserjet 4345 MFP.


      In Output Designer I have no problem setting the Presentment Target, almost always just set it to HP Laserjet 8000/8000N (PCL5).


      My problem is that I can control the tray but I can't set the paper type.


      My scenario is that the printer is defined at the printer to have Paper Type of 'Label' in Tray 2, and 'Plain' in Tray 3.


      When Jetform sends the job to the printer to Tray 2 it does not print on tray 2 because the Paper Type is set to 'Label' and then gets sent to Tray 3 instead.  The Jetform job in this case is a 8 1/2 x 11 label design, really intended for that Tray 2 'Label' Paper type.  It's important because when you set the Paper Type as 'Label' on the printer it mechanically slows things down and changes heat from what I've been told and handles label paper better vs. the 'Plain' settings.  The result is less paper jams.


      So...Can anyone tell me how to pass into the job paper type?  Paper Size and Input Tray, are the 2 options I see under Format Page and neither really address Paper Type.


      We are on HP-UX 11.23 Unix system where Central 5.5 runs...