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    how is this done?

    r_tist Level 1

      the window mid-page where you click 'next story'. how is this technique executed? I've seen this sort of thing on many a news site as well.




      when I right-click, it's revealing that it is not done in Flash though. do components exist for this sort of set-up?

      what is this module called?



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You are better off asking in the Dreamweaver forum or some other forum where javascript techniques are discussed.

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            iconofsin14 Level 1

            This is a javascript


            The script replaces one image with another, and does it with the slidein/slideout animation.

            There are a wide variety of high quality javascripts avaliable for free so a developer who does not know much about javascript could easily achieve an effect like that one by simply pasting in someone elses script


            the script itself is triggered as an onclick event attactched to the "next"/"previous" buttons

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              I actually designed and built that site. I used a script called "mbslider". You can find it on code canyon for I think $5 or so. I used it in 3 places on the front page. The social media section, the news section, and the top image slide show. If you use this script eventually, refer back to that page as I have employed some methods that were not easily discovered. It's cool to see my stuff up here!