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    [JS/CS5] Did I find a bug?

    Pontus Uggla Level 1

      Make a new document, add a textframe, paste a rectangle in it a few times, make the textframe small enough so the last rectangle doesn´t show.


      You can still reach it and place a pictrue in it with:




      Now add a second page and move your textframe to the second page, it should work i think, but now i get an error saying that the pasted image would end up outside the pasting board.


      My only solution is either to move it when pasting or making the frame big enough.


      Any ideas?

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          Pontus Uggla Level 1

          This seems a bit overkill:


          var page_item = app.documents[0].pageItems[0;

          var bounds = page_item.geometricBounds;

          var page = doc.pageItems[0].parentPage;




          page_item.geometricBounds = bounds;