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    problem with white flicker behind button when clicked



      I am having a problem with the menu in my application. Whenever a menu item (button) is clicked there is a quick flicker of a white box right behind the button that is clicked.


      I have a few ideas what the problem might be but I don't know how to solve any of them...


      Alt 1:

      I have an animation behind the menu that is triggered when a button is clicked, could it be that which is the problem? In that case is there anything I can do about it like manipulating the displaylists etc.?


      Alt 2:

      I am using firefox on a mac and my collegue is using IE on a PC, and he does not seem to have the problem (or his computer is too quick so he does not notice it). Maybe it is a bug in firefox or the flashplayer?


      Alt 3:

      Maybe it is in the rendering of the buttons themselves? Do I need to put backgroundAlpha=0 everywhere or something like it? (I have tried that in a few places but it did not seem to make any difference.)



      If anyone has seen this behaviour before or has any ideas on what could be causing it, I would be very grateful for the help.