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    Does Dynamic Link Save Time?

    justin2taylor Level 1

      I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but when I use dynamic link it never saves me any time, only effort. When I bring an after effects comp into premiere pro I have to pre-render it before I can watch it. (which takes me a huge amount of time.) I like the idea of dynamic link, but rendering out of after effects the traditional way saves tons more time for me. Do you have any suggestions?

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          jimclark1947 Level 1

          For me, using the Dynamic Link is most helpful when there is the possibility of needing to do more editing after I have already opened the sequence in Encore.  Very convenient to go back and make some minor tweaks and then find those tweaks appear in Encore without having to export the sequence first, then import to Encore.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            The idea of DL is that you don't need to render out first.  You may still need to render to preview real time, depending on the complexity of your comp.  Doing it the old way, if you changed anything, you'd HAVE to render out again to update the Premiere sequence.  With DL, the update is instant.  This is where time is saved.


            But if your comp is so complex it just can't be viewed in real time (or at least close enough to work with), then DL probably won't make much difference.