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    Determining Position of a MovieClip

    shurleynova Level 1
      Hello All - Need An ActionScript 2.0 Guru - Please Help

      I am developing a test to track both visual acuity and response time(hand/eye coordination) I have a grid of possible locations where I have a movie clip appearing. I am able to track the time it takes for a user to press the space bar after seeing the object appear, however I am trying to take it two steps further.

      1. I want to track the x,y position of the clip that the subject responded to.
      2. I want to store that data with the response time in a database.

      Any help with the first one would be greatly appreciated I already have plans using ASP.Net and XML to move the data but I want to tackle the first obstacle which is determining the x,y position.

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          Damon Edwards Level 3
          set up a dynamic text field either off the canvas if you dont want it visible or on with same color text as background, or whatever you want.. but use this to get the coordinates.. where my_mc is MC instance name and my_txt is text field instance name:
          my_mc.onRelease = function(){
          my_txt.text = "("+my_mc._x+","+my_mc._y+")";